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- Style tuning
- Mechanical tuning
- Electronic tuning
- Car audio 

There are many techniques of tuning. Depending on what you want, you can change the look of the car (style tuning), improve its performance and dynamics (mechanical tuning or electronic tuning), invest money in the radio and speakers (car audio) or you can go for a complete tuning of your car. 



Optical tuning is mainly to give the car a better and more distinctive look. It is always dependent on the owner’s preferences and money. There are quite a few tuning techniques, among others:


Cult style is mainly popular among the owners of old Volkswagens from the late 1970s and 1980s. The significant features are small 13 inch wheels with a large bead, retro-ons (e.g. small chrome mirrors) and lowering the car. The cult-style car should look as if it just left the factory – no spoilers, clean and shining engine, etc.

Bling Bling

Bling Bling style is especially popular with the owners of SUVs. The most important features are the huge chrome spinner rims (up to 28 inch!), pneumatic suspension enabling the extreme lowering of the car and an impressive car audio.


Popular among American rappers and other owners of luxury limousines and SUVs. What’s characteristic in this style is the gleam, the big chrome rims and gold and jewel-encrusted elements.

Import tuner

Cars ideal for this type of tuning must be Japanese (often Honda Civic). Characteristic features of this style include bright body colour, extreme body kits and carbon hoods. Also popular are the accessories and parts of the Japanese manufacturers (Blitz, HKS) and rims with the polished bead and black interior.

English style

The examples of this style are usually small city cars with big bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and 20 inch rims.

French style

Usually cars modified in the French style don’t resemble the original version. It’s all thanks to body kits, spoilers, bumpers with huge air intakes, extended wings and bright body colours.

Spanish style

Similarly to French style, these cars have a very distinctive look. Chrome add-ons, custom-made body kits, unusual body colours (at least two) with decals are all popular here.

German style

This style is completely different from the English or French styles. You won’t see any crazy modifications here. The car has to be low, wide, “clean” and simple in form. Preferably the car has to be lowered, with wide rims and with all the badges or handles removed. 


Mechanical tuning
may simply include the replacement of the air filter or spark plugs, without interfering in the original construction of the car and its engine. But it can also include changes of the exhaust and intake systems, electrical system, engine modifications or even engine replacement (swap). Other modifications may include brakes, aluminium wheels and suspension



Electronic tuning (chip tuning) involves changes or modifications of the software of the engine ECU, usually to improve the performance and torque. 


Car audio modifications involve the changes or replacement of the multimedia equipment in your car, in order to get a better sound. The basic element is the receiver. But even with a good receiver the sound quality won’t be good and pure with the serial speakers. Therefore it’s important to replace the serial loudspeakers with high-quality low, mid and high loudspeakers. You should also place special sound insulation mats in your car. Advanced car audio systems usually require an additional power supply (power amplifiers) and replacing the cables. Car audio systems may also include LCD screens, game consoles, etc.