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- Restoration
- Storage
- Usage
- Iconic models


Oldtimers restoration includes bringing the car back to the original technical condition and appearance. Usually however the full restoration to the “factory state” is impossible, especially if we would decide to do it ourselves without the proper knowledge and experience. Luckily there are many companies that specialize in the restoration of classic cars and the results of their work can be really impressive.

The whole process of restoration starts with cleaning of the vehicle using special methods. Then the holes in the body have to be filled and any irregularities smoothened. In case of the oldest classic cars, it might be necessary to visit a wheelwright. If there are any parts to be replaced, you can find them in the parts database, from manufacturers or with the help of other fans of classic cars. Many car manufactures care about the owners of vintage cars and provide spare parts for sale. Spraying and chroming of the car components should be done by specialists.

The body is not everything. If we want to have a classic car that not only looks beautiful but also drives, we have to be ready for the engine restoration – replacing and copying the parts, repairing the gearbox, replacing the electrical installation. To increase safety, it is also vital to replace the brake system or adapt it to the current demands. 



The method of storing the classic cars depend on how old and vintage they are. You can store them in a garage or protect from the rain and humidity with the special covers.

Garages can be made of brick, wood or steel. The ventilation is the most important factor. So the old barn can be a better place for the storage than an air-tight metal garage. In a metal garage where the difference of the indoor and outdoor temperatures is high, the condensation occurs, what can have a negative effect on the state of the car. It is recommended to store the classic cars in the brick or wooden garages without heating. Lower temperatures are better for the rubber components.

Not everyone has the possibility to garage the car during winter. In such cases, the car should be protected with a waterproof cover. The fabric of the inner part of the cover should be soft, not to scratch the paint of the car. 



As all the events and rallies show, the oldtimers are not only to look nice. You can use them to drive, race (and win!) and, most important, to enjoy them. However, to enjoy driving a classic car, first you need to get it in the proper condition and then you need to remember that the old cars are demanding.

If you change from your everyday car to a classic car, you must remember that it isn’t equipped with all the systems such as ABS, ESP, TCS, it has no airbags, brakes work differently, engine warms up after quite a few kilometers. Keep it in mind, otherwise you will waste all the efforts put in the restoration!


Iconic models

It is impossible to mention all the iconic models. But undoubtedly some of the classic cars have more fans than others. Here there are a few examples:

- Alfa Romeo Spyder (1966-69; series 1)
- Austin Healey (1953-71)
- Citroen 2CV (1949-90)
- Chevrolet Corvette C2 (1963-68)
- Ferrari 365 GT (1967-71)
- Ford Capri (1969-87)
- Jaguar XK 140 (1954-57)
- Opel Kadett C (1973-79)
- Porsche 911 Turbo 930 (1975-89)
- Volvo P1800 (1960-63)