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About us

PARTS.COM.MT is a platform which enables you to get your parts quicker and cheaper. We can offer you new parts for almost all makes.

No matter, if you drive a Honda, Fiat or BMW - this is the right place to find parts for your car.


We offer:

- body parts (bumpers, fenders, bonnets, doors, tailgates, mirrors, etc.),
- service parts (brake pads, filters, belts, etc.),
- thermical parts (radiators, heaters, A/C condensers, etc.),
- electrical parts (sensors, headlamps, tail lamps, flashers, ECUs, airbags, etc.),
- suspension parts (control arms, shock absorbers, hubs, bearings, etc.),
- accessories (tow bars, spoilers, body kits, etc.).


On PARTS.COM.MT you can submit your query using a convenient and simple form. Depending on the parts you need, please send us the necessary information - such as make, model, YOM and other details of your vehicle. Your query will be processed asap and shortly you will receive a quote from us.


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